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DID IT AGAIN: Gossum Beats Michigan Regulars at TCMS for Back-to-Back Wins

Coming into the final week of the DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals in Michigan, young Hunt Gossum said did not expect to win any of the four races. Now, after three complete, he’s already won two. The 16-year-old UMP Modified wheelman made it back-to-back wins with the tour Friday night at Tri-City Motor Speedway,

2021 Results

8/20/21 – Tri-City Motor Speedway

Feature (30 Laps) 1. 99-Hunt Gossum[2]; 2. 1E-Jeffery Erickson[1]; 3. 5CS-Curt Spalding[3]; 4. 36-Kenny Wallace[6]; 5. 47-Collin Thirlby[5]; 6. 19B-Chad Bauer[8]; 7. 242-Brandon Bollinger[4]; 8. 15-Dave Baker[16]; 9. 19JR-Kody Johnson[14]; 10. 15H-Austin Harnick[18]; 11. 12M-John McClure[7]; 12. 92-Caleb Kill[11]; 13. 4B-Brian Brindley[17]; 14. 77-Joe Rokos[10]; 15. 42-Craig Vance[12]; 16. 1*-Wyatt Baker[15]; 17. 4J-Paul Johnson[21]; 18.